Integrated Spectroscopy Processor

Model FP-6300b 
Flat Pack

The Flat Pack Integrated Spectroscopy Processor is designed as a stand-alone research grade product that provides all necessary "front-end" electronics for a HPGe, IG, Ge(Li), or NaI(Tl) detector. It interfaces to a SERIES 500, 600, 3000, or 4000 PCMCA/WIN PC-based multi-channel analyzer card that feature on-board ADCs. It includes many unique features such as auto-ramping HVPS, 4 digit LED HV display, "no scope" pole zero and pulse pile-up rejector adjustments, built-in high performance NaI(Tl) preamp, a selection of sixty-three time constants with front panel LED display, differential (common) mode input, and a multi-mode loss of LN monitor.

The Flat Pack is ideal for users who want the identical capability as provided by research grade NIM electronics, but do not want the complexity and additional cost associated with NIM bins, cables, and complicated knobs and controls. The Flat Pack uses the same circuit boards as the AMP-6300 and AHV-1B modules so you can be assured of the highest possible performance. Since all analog circuits are referred to a common ground reference point and are internally connected, "ground loops" are virtually eliminated. A fan is used to circulate the internal air which eliminates hot spots and reduces temperature fluctuations.

Data sheet in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
Dual range 2/5 kV continuously adjustable high voltage power supply (HVPS).
High resolution 4 digit LED display of high voltage.
HVPS current output capable of biasing HPGe, IG, Ge(Li), or NaI(Tl) detectors.
Automatic "ramp" of high voltage up (and down) to protect detector and electronics.
Automatic circuit to remove HV for excessive count-rate or high detector leakage current.
External thermistor or resistor sensor input for automatic removal of HV for low LN conditions.
Remote contact closure for HV disable.
HV remote control via analog signal.
Switchable audible warning for alarm conditions.
Ultra low-noise spectroscopy amplifier optimized for use with HPGe, IG, Ge(Li), Si(Li) or NaI(Tl) solid state scintillation detectors.
Unipolar or bipolar output, near gaussian shaping.
Built-in high performance NaI(Tl) preamplifier, rear panel switchable.
Compatible with resistive feedback or pulsed optical preamplifier input signals.
Front panel push button selection of up to sixty-three (63) time constants.
Time constant range of 0.25-15.75 µs, any combination of 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, or 8 Âµs.
Front panel four(4) digit LED display of time constant.
Automatic gated active baseline restorer (BLR) for excellent hi-count-rate performance.
LED assisted pole zero (PZ) adjustment, no oscilloscope or screwdriver  required.
Ten(10) turn locking digital dial for precise adjustment and resetability of PZ.
PPR circuitry with automatic live time correction and dead-time signal to MCArd for on-screen % DT display.
LED assisted set-up of PPR, no oscilloscope is needed.
Front panel LEDs to indicate pulse-pileup rejected and/or accepted pulses.
Differential input mode for reduction of electrically induced ground noise or loops.
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio Frequency Interference (RFI), and line surge protected.
Regulated output power for external preamplifiers, NIM standard 9 pin Amphenol connector.
Operates from either 115 or 230V, 50/60 Hz.


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